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Nonton Film Serendipity (2018) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Online

Serendipity (2018)

Genre: Drama, Romance
Quality: Year: Duration: 107 MinView: 51,100 views
1 votes, average 9.0 out of 10

Nonton Film Online Serendipity (2018) Subtitle Indonesia – Rani’s life changed drastically after her father passed away, leaving a big sum of debt. She made the hardest decision in her life to become a lady escort. Arkan, her boyfriend, broke their relationship after knowing about her job, feeling cheated. Then a photo of her all made up with an old man goes viral, making her the school’s bullying subject. Jean, her friend becomes distant. Gibran, a new student in the school gets his interest piqued in Rani after being ignored multiple times by her. After being caught crying, Rani befriends him. He always finds a way to help Rani and likes her. But the feeling is not mutual because she still likes her ex-boyfriend. Though Arkan still loves her, they can’t get back together. Their relationship intertwines with family problems.

Tagline:Masihkah ada namaku di dalam hatinya…
Language:Bahasa indonesia