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Nonton Film Pocong Jalan Blora (2009) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Online Layarkaca21 INDOXXI

Pocong Jalan Blora (2009)

Genre: Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 79 MinView: 3,819 views

Nonton Film Online Pocong Jalan Blora (2009) Subtitle Indonesia di Filmbagoes – Sandra, Mei, Josh and Joe finally satisfy their curiosity about pocong sightings in Blora Road but they are now haunted. Then when Sandra visits Mei’s house, she is greeted by Hilda, whom she doesn’t know.

Sandra now thinks that Mei has gone missing. Fredi, Mei’s boyfriend, claims that he has not seen Mei since she returned from Blora. Sandra enlists Hilda’s help to find Mei, as Hilda can see the spirit of dead people. Hilda is also haunted by a spirit of a woman resembling Mei. At her friend Seno’s advice, Hilda tells Sandra that she has met Mei in spirit form. Then they all return to Blora road.

Language:Bahasa indonesia