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Nonton Film Bukan Pocong Biasa (2011) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Online Layarkaca21 INDOXXI

Bukan Pocong Biasa (2011)

Genre: Comedy, Horror
Quality: Year: Duration: 85 MinView: 4,454 views

Nonton Film Online Bukan Pocong Biasa (2011) Subtitle Indonesia di Filmbagoes – That night Jaki, Remon, Papay, Niken and Anna headed to the top to make a short film about people’s lives at the foot of the hill. In the course of the car driven by Jaki Cs the tires were flat.

They stopped right in front of the Awful house, when they were going to replace the spare tire they lost their jack and finally they decided to enter the haunted house to find a loan from the jack. Because they did not know that the house they entered was haunted because there were pocong who like to disturb anyone who enters the house.

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