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Blusukan Jakarta (2016)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 102 MinView: 7,881 views

Nonton Film Online Blusukan Jakarta (2016) Subtitle Indonesia di Filmbagoes – Tony, an American journalist, is assigned to assist the investigation team of Berita Satu. In Jakarta, Tony immediately attracted to cover street children and Acil is his choice. Interviews are initially go smoothly, but it turns into a mess when Acil steals Tony’s camera. Tony pursue Acil mightily to get into the area of the fishing village. There he meets with Anggun, who is a teacher for street children. Then Marni, a mother who has to be prostitute, and Jampang, the head thug in the fishing village. Through them, Tony goes into marginal lives of the people of Jakarta with all their problems.

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Language:Bahasa indonesia