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Nonton Film 3 Nafas Likas (2014) Subtitle Indonesia Streaming Movie Online

3 Nafas Likas (2014)

Genre: Drama
Quality: Year: Duration: 107 MinView: 12,059 views
1 votes, average 7.0 out of 10

Nonton Film Online 3 Nafas Likas (2014) Subtitle Indonesia – The story of a woman named Likas who gets special accomplishments and successes, as she holds fast to pledge to the three most important people in her life: her father Ngantari, her brother Njohre, and her husband Djamin. In Karo, North Sumatra, there is a custom: when a woman has to work, then the disgrace belongs to the family. However, Likas still wants to move forward. Therefore she opposes the custom. She attends school because she wants to be a teacher. She looses her mother because of stress. With the help of her brother, she could become a teacher.